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Repurpose your merch

Repurpose your merch



Send in your cherished merch so it can live it's new best life! Turn a tea towel into cushion (pictured) or wallhanging (pictured); convert a t-shirt; big up a tote bag... there's loads we can do with what you already have. Products, possibilities, and prices all on application.


Prices from £50 plus materials.


    ONLINE SHOP UNDER CONSTRUCTION - please use the Contact page to enquire about this service!


    Your own unique product made with something you love but was maybe living at the back of a cupboard. I'll work with you on what's possible, and if it doesn't work out, I'll send it back to you.


    As your own item is being converted, we can't offer a refund or a return as it will have been cut/changed and there's no going back. But you will get your item back in some shape or form. 

    If you're unhappy with your item, please contact me. 


    Shipped Royal Mail Special Delivery, therefore subject to the same seasonal / strike / volume delays as everyone else - please be patient!


    P&P priced according to packaged size and weight.  To be agreed with you before payment. Hand delivery may be possible.


    Pre-made items are usually dispatched within 2 working days. See note for bespoke item time frames. 

  • A note on pricing and time scales!

    A note on bespoke items and timescales:


    Items that are bespoke, made to measure, or one of a kind, I calculate prices according to size, material, difficulty, then I add in P&P, and then I can give you a quote. Final pricing depends on exactly what's ordered, but I'll always agree this with you before ordering your materials and starting on your project.


    Depending on where the materials come from, it may take a week for them to arrive in my letter box before I can then start on the make, so I will also give you an estimate of how long your order will take to arrive at your door. 


    I don't do fast fashion, fast ordering, or anything that rushes through at the expense of the climate, so if you're looking for next day delivery then this site isn't for you. For everyone else, I look forward to chatting with you!

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